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Acts as a durable access control for managing the members check in - checkout with integration of automated attendance management system which maximizes operation efficiency and security of the fitness center.

Weighing Scale

Smart weighing scale lets members and trainers to the track the essential body insights like weight, bone mass, body water content etc.

Heart Rate

Powerful real - time insights on the heart rate as they workout with the heart rate band. Providing live performance data with the calories burnt on the display screen, dashboard and apps.

Smart Band

The petal yellow band is compatible with all smart devices that lets the members to get access and provides real time data/ usage timings which can be monitored.

Smart Locker

Locker hardware inspired by
latest IoT technology and user experiences. Customized automated locker units from wide range of options for sizes, portability, styles and more.

Valet Parking

Smart parking solution that eliminates the parking problems by connecting the members and valet staff easily through the app.

About Us

Revolutionize your Fitness Centre through Automation!

Automate your gym with the power of IoT. Get ready to experience the future of fitness with our IoT-based gym automation!

Fitness clubs have not only become the hub of health, but also a profitable business. Our GYM automation product Petal Yellow provides an easy path to switch from your traditional gym to an automated smart gym. We assure you that our gym automation system will make your work so much easier than ever. The Ultimate Tool for Gym Automation is now here.


A dashboard is a one-stop shop for an overall review across sectors. With Petal Yellow, a dashboard that is user-friendly and streamlined will be at the center of your operations and management. Access to member profiles and payment processing will never be the same again as it will only get better.